Andre van Koeveringe

Model Making

Andre van Koeveringe has been dedicating his love for racing, engineering and foundry model making to classic Abarth motorsport for decades. His career in model making started back in the late 1960s when he was an apprentice model maker at a local foundry. One learns by much practice. After years of perfecting his skills, he started his own successful business in 1983: Modelmakerij Aneko. A company specialised in the manufacturing of casting models, mould making and technical woodwork. 


Besides his heart for this trade, his second passion kicked into motion short after: motor sports and racing. This took shape in 1978, when he started karting. Over the years, Andre fought his way up in various classes and divisions. In ’96 and ’97 this even reached international levels. Soon, Andre found out that his profession was very useful within the motorsport and kart domain. As a renowned model maker, he certainly isn’t all thumbs. To earn some extra money and to finance his motorsport hobby, he took on several jobs. For example, making casting models for cylinder heads, engine blocks or suspension parts. 

Several moulds for karting, from that era
Technical drawing, models and moulds for a two piece karting engine

Classic Abarth Racing

Around the turn of the millennium, Andre stopped karting to continue in classic car racing. With his long time love for Fiat, he started building his Abarth 1000 TC in 2002. He still owns it today. Apart from regular track days, he has been racing for over 10 years in the highest division of the “Abarth Coppa Mille” group within the “Kampf der Zwerge” (Battle of the Dwarfs) championship. Races are held all over Europe, no famous circuit is missed. Zandvoort, Zolder, Hockenheim and Spa to name a few

Andre’s trusty Abarth 1000 TC at Hokkenheim in 2016

Abarth Motorsport

Andre’s skills were very sought after here too. Especially original and classic Abarth parts are old and rare. Andre was often asked to re-manufacture these racing parts based on the original object, for example Abarth oil pans, valve covers, rim hearts, etc. For many, this is an indispensable service, due to the rarity of these parts. But Andre was not hindered from doing odd jobs either. Like balancing crankshafts, rebuilding carburettors or building and tuning complete engines. From all these activities, this website arose, to make his services available to a wider audience.

Construction of an A-2000 Abarth engine
Measuring the combustion chamber of cylinder head
A casting model for a classic NSU wheel
A finished and polished Abarth head