Abarth 850 TC 1000 TC Oil Pan

Reproduced oil pan for Abarth 850 TC and Abarth 1000 TC models. Fully impregnated.

Part Number: AB-101

Product Description

Reproduced, oil pan for the following Abarth models:

  • Abarth 850 TC
  • Abarth 1000 TC

These oil pans are fully impregnated, and are 5 litre in capacity. The reproduction of oil pan’s really kick started this whole project, and really is something we specialize is. These are great for racing or offer a handsome upgrade for any enthusiast. Furthermore, we and many other customers put these parts to the test in the Classic Abarth “Coppa Mille” championship. With more than 40 years of experience in model making, molding and casting, we are confident in saying our products are of the highest quality. To read more about our history with parts production or our manufacturing process, please check out our blog.For more questions, please feel free to contact me. Prices are with tax included.

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