Abarth 500 595 695 Membre du Front Cross

Traverse avant de course reproduite pour les modèles Abarth 500, Abarth 595 et Abarth 595.

Numéro de Pièce: AB-111


Traverse avant reproduite pour les modèles Abarth suivants

  • Abarth 500
  • Abarth 595
  • Abarth 695

Fitted with M-16 SKF ball joints and teflon bushings. Needles to say that these front cross members will improve handling over the standard setup by a huge amount. Fantastic for track use, but certainly als applicable for sporty road users. With more than 40 years of experience in model making, molding and casting, we are confident in saying our products are of the highest quality. Furthermore, we and many other customers put these parts to the test in the Classic Abarth “Coppa Mille” championship. To read more about our history with parts production or our manufacturing process, please check out our blog. For more questions, please feel free to contact me. Prices are with tax included.

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